​​​​July 24-& 25th...is our 8th Annual 2019 STASMO Summer Conference, Wed/Thur, South Padre Island.  Last year's participants described the conference as- "Excellent, Exciting, Interesting, Informative, Fun!!", "productive, motivational, enthusiastic, leadership, safety, discipline, respect", "Very educational", "It was a great conference!"...Register Today and look at this years excitingagenda!  Conference page updated PENDING

​​​STASMO Scholarship program, for maintenance employees and or sons/daughters of maintenance employees working in the Region One ESC districts. Deadline for applying for 2017-18 is APRIL 30th!  Award letters sent out May 28th!


STASMO 2018 Employee of the Year!  Each year STASMO asks Region One districts to nominate one maintenance department employee and one custodial employee.  A STASMO committee reviews the nominations then selects the one employee in each category that best meets the criteria in our nomination letter.  The selected employees will be recognized at our Conference luncheon on July 26th and awarded a plaque and gift certificate!  We will begin promoting it and start taking nominations in February for 2018!

The 2018 Maintenance Employee of the Year is, ROBERTO ABETE with  Brownsville ISD ISD.  Congratulations Mr. Abete & Brownsville ISD!

The 2018 Custodial Employee of the Year is SANTIAGO GARCIA of Los Fresnos CISD. Congratulations Mr. Garcia and Los Fresnos CISD!​​


Training & Other Opportunities...

~ You may want to take a minute and take a look at the info on the Other Resources page!

~Do you have Electricians that need 4 hours of training to maintain their certification?  Click here for more info on dates and local location.

​~Region One ESC has several training opportunities coming up in XXX!  For more info on registration etc click here.

​~STASMO has started coordinating with Charles Swanson of TAMU in November 2017 to see about bringing some  Landscape Irrigation courses to our area around Mar/April for our folks to be able to pick up their continuing ed hours and or gain knowledge in this area.  

~ This is the link to the pictures taken by Mario Garcia & his wife during our 2016 Summer Conference, Thanks Mario!!  Picasa website album.  Feel free to share the link with anyone else in your office that may have gone.  


Our Last Meeting Was...

~Nov 28, 2018, Presenters were Joe Dahr of LEAF Engineering discussing with pictures good and bad mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations and Russel Bego of AEP Texas discussing Energy Efficiency programs and rebates available to school districts...  The presenters were also our lunch sponsors- Thank you!  Agenda, Sign In Roster and Treasurer's Report below.

11/28/18 Agenda, Sign In & Treasurer's Report                AEP 2018-19 Energy Efficiency & Rebate Programs

~Sept 26, 2018, Presenters were Ben Hinojosa of US Water discussing chiller tower water treatment and Stephen Galindo of Texas Sealcoat discussing asphalt maintenance.  The presenters were also our lunch sponsors- Thank you!  Agenda, Sign In Roster and Treasurer's Report below.

9/26/18  Agenda & Sign In Roster     9/26/18 Treasurer's Report     9/26/18  US Water Presentation

~April 25, 2018, Presenters were an inhouse panel discussion with Maintenance Directors Felipe Garcia of BISD and Fernando Lopez of PSJA. Our lunch time presenter was David Hansen via video conference, attorney with Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Attorneys specializing in school construction law doing an online presentation and Q&A session.

4/25/18, Agenda, Sign In, Treasurer Report and Summer Conference Info

~March 28, 2018, The presenters were Stephen Kendrick, Sr. Mgr of Facilities Planning from Choice Partners and our lunchtime presenter was Russell Bego of American Electric Power (AEP.  

​3/28/18 Agenda, Sign In & Treasurer Report          Choice Partners Presentation, JOC Contracting & FEMA

~January 31, 2018, The presenters were Travis Jones from Armko Building Envelope Consultants...and our lunchtime presenter was Tom Facca, Regional VP from Patcraft Commercial Carpet...Trane, TIPS, Patcraft, PUB and Interceramic also provided gift cards and other door prizes.

​1/31/18 Agenda, Sign In & T. Report

~November 29, 2017our presenter was Don May of TF Harper who spoke on "Playground Safety".  TF Harper was our lunch sponsor as well as providing a gift card door prize.  Trane also provided x2 gift cards for door prizes for our school district friends.  You can click below for a copy of the presentation, sign in roster and treasurer's report.

11/27/17 Agenda, Sign In & T.Report                         Playground Safety Presentation, TF Harper

~September 27, 2017, our presenters and lunch sponsors were Noe Olivares from Reno Sports Seating John Svendersen ​of Peerless Marketing.  Mr. Olivares presented on Bleacher Safety & Inspections and Mr. Svendersen on Lithium Battery technology for custodial floor equipment.  Special thanks to Don Cirilo of Sika who provided door prizes!  The districts represented included, Hidalgo, San Benito, Harlingen, Brownsville, Los Fresnos, PSJA, Sharyland, Mission, South Texas & Region One ESC. 

9/27/17 Agenda, T. Report & NFPA Code Info                  9/27/17 Meeting Sign In Roster

~April 26, 2017, our presenters were Sherron Hughes from Staples on "Accepting Change" and Mark Matoska from Roof Connect on "Roofing".  Great presentations and thanks for sponsoring lunch!  Links to their presentations are below.

4/26/17 Agenda, Sign In, T. Report     Accepting Change Presentation     Roof Connect Presentation

~March 29, 2017, our presenters were Dustin Gerloff and Justin Titus of Gerloff Company discussing "Water Damage & Restoration Services".  It was very interesting and well presented.  Thank you for the presentation and sponsoring lunch today.  A copy of their presentation is below.

3/29/17 Treasurer's Report and Sign In    Gerloff Presentation

~January 25, 2017, ​

​~ November 16, 2016 and our presenters and topics were, Perry Mechanical- "HVAC Replacement Options", Alpha Construction- "Job Order Construction" and Sherwin Williams-Uniflex "Roof Repairs & the Uniflex System".  Big thanks to our presenters for sponsoring lunch and our door prizes.  A shout out to Ben Hinojosa of US Water Services who provided the most coveted door prizes- Yeti Colsters & tumblers!

11/16 Agenda, sign in and treasurer's report.

~Sep 28, 2016, our presenters were Frank Rivas & Aaron Schultz of STANLEY, discussing school shootings, lock downs and types of hardware & technologies available to ensure a quick response. Thank you for sponsoring lunch and providing those portfolios and other great door prizes!  Also to Gulf Coast for providing gift cards.

9/28/16 Sign In Roster w_emails             Treasurer's Report          STANLEY Presentation

~April 27, 2016 our presenter was Annette Van Brunt of  Van Brunt & Associates with some "Cool Related Energy News...". 

4/27/16 Sign In & Treasurer Report          Annette Van Brunt's Presentation

~March 30, 2016, our presenters were Climatec, "Alternative to Bldg Control Systems and Russell Bego of AEP on the "Energy Rebate Programs".  Thanks to our presenters who also sponsored our lunch meal.  We also want to thank Mario Garcia of AEP for providing door prizes!

​   3/30/16 Meeting Sign In        AEP Programs Presentation          Climatec, Networkable T-Stats

~January 27, 2016, our presenter was Rajesh Kapileshwari of Ethos Engineering, "Changes in the Energy Code- 2009-2012 and The Impact on Construction, Energy & Maintenance Dept Budgets...".  Ethos also sponsored lunch for our group- Thank you!

  1/27/16 Sign In & Treasurer Report

~Nov 18, 2015, 10:30- 1200 at the Rio Grande Valley Partnership Chamber in Weslaco, 322 South Missouri followed by lunch.  We want to give a big thanks to Cesar Lopez of the BuyBoard for a very informative presentation on "Using the BuyBoard..." and sponsoring lunch and to Brice Chandler of Automated Logic who co-sponsored our lunch meal. Yours truly,(Dan Cantu) presented on "Managing The Maintenance Monster"

    11/18/15 Meeting Sign In & Treasurer Report

~Sept 30, 2015, 10:30- 1200 at the Rio Grande Valley Partnership Chamber in Weslaco, 322 South Missouri followed by lunch.  We want to give a big thanks to Byron of Gordian Group & Jim Leavelle of URETEK for providing door prizes and incentives for the meeting! And a big thanks to Jerry Tallez of One Stop Recycling and Jim Leavelle of URETEK ICR who presented and sponsored lunch.

    093015 Meeting Sign In.pdf        093015 Treasurer Report.pdf

~April 29, 2015, 10:30- 1200 at the Rio Grande Valley Partnership Chamber in Weslaco, 322 South Missouri followed by lunch.  We want to give a big thanks to Brownsville PUB & Diaz Flooring for providing door prizes and incentives at our April meeting! And a big thanks to Ben Hinojosa of ChemCal and Andy Diaz of Diaz Flooring & Interiors who presented and sponsored lunch.

Treasurer Report (2/28-3/31/15)        Agenda & Sign In Roster, 4-29-15    Cooling Tower Presentation

~March 25, 2015, 10:30-12:00 at the 
Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce in Weslaco, at 322 South Missouri; followed by lunch.  We had a last minute venue change- the new location is in the same general area, 275 S. Kansas Ave (just off to the left as you come down Texas Blvd but before entering Bus 83).  The bldg has a couple suites to include their City Hall. We'll be in the one labeled Event Center (on the right), click here to see a picture of the bldg...The topics were, "Roof Top Maintenance" by Garland Products & "Asphalt Maintenance" by Jim Rose of Mejia & Rose Engineering.

Treasurer Report (11/31/14- 2/27/15)    Sign In Roster, 3-25-15

​~January 28, 2015, 10:30-12:00 at the Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce in Weslaco, at 322 South Missouri; topics included- "Chillers and Preventive Maintenance, Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing & Why" and if you need to replace a chiller or DX Units "Top 3 Items You Want to Make Sure Are In Specs and Why..."  Our presenters were our local TD Industries and Ethos Engineering.  Thanks to TASB Energy, AAA Timesaver and who provided door prizes. Lunch was sponsored by TD Industries and Ethos Engineering. 

1/28/15 Agenda & Sign In Roster

~November 19, 2014, 10:30-12:00 at the Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce in Weslaco.  We had a very good presentation on LED Lighting Technology by Tom Scott of Acuity.  We would like to thank Guillermo Quintanilla of Ethos Engineering for recommending them. There was also a brief review of two online tools for staying organized and keeping track of the many balls we have to juggle- Asana and Evernote. 

11/19/14 Sign In Roster        11/19/14 Treasurer Report    Acuity LED Presentation

September 24, 2014, 10:30-12:00 at the Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce in Weslaco. We had presentations by Beto Casares, TASB, Risk Safety Specialist to talk about safety in general and OSHA, Russell Bego of AEP to tell us about their Energy Efficiency Incentive programs that get funded in January and Shannon Ostos of Redfish Recycling to talk about a different kind of recycling program that they offer in the lower valley...It was great to see IDEA Public Schools, La Joya folks as well as the ladies from Brownsville PUB and Magic Valley Electricity Co-op!

9/24/14 Sign In Roster     AEP Efficiency Programs Presentation     Redfish Recycling Program


Coming Up and Did You Know...

~That in our "Other Resources" page we have links to Facilities Maintenance related websites as well as presentations such as on, "Pavement Maintenance" and "LEED in Existing Buildings"?

Maintenance Nuts & Bolts newsletter!  11/13- just added..  October topic is "How to change a negative perception..."

~The American Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities offer a variety of free webinars that you can access for free. The latest is one on IPM by Janet Hurley!

~TASBO has online courses that you can sign up for...

~The Texas School Safety Center helps schools create and improve emergency operation plans. It was formed in 1999 and was authorized by the 77th Texas Legislature in 2001. It is located in the Texas Education Code - Chapter §37.201. The Attorney Generals Office website also has a school safety section with lots of good info and resources...


Registration/Mailing List...

Interested in getting placed on our mailing list?  Then please click on the following link and complete the six Survey Monkey registration questions, Email me when you've completed the registration survey- Dan Cantu, President

The South Texas Association of School Maintenance Officials

Our NEXT MEETING is...January 30, 2019!  HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

~Updated 11/26/18

Meetings are from 10:30- 12:00, at the Rio Grande Valley Partnership Chamber in Weslaco, on 322 S. Missouri.  Lunch is included. Click here to send me an email to let us know you're coming...Want to make sure we've got the right amount of meals and handouts available for you!  Vendors, you are more than welcome to provide door prizes!​  Click here for the agenda.

Our January 30th meeting introduces XYX of Roof Connect  to review "Roof Preventive Maintenance" followed by Carlos Castaneda of Texas Air Systems talking about "Outside Air Ventilation Vs Indoor Air Quality - Ways to Save Energy"

The Meeting dates for the rest of 2018-19 are:

November 28, 2018       January 30, 2019       March 27, 2019     April 24, 2019 &  July 24-25, 2019 (summer conference)

A summary of our past meetings and links to agendas & sign in rosters can be found below under, "Our Last Meeting Was..."  ​​​

Summer Conference 2019 is July 24-25th!  Get it on your calendar now.


If you are a school district official and you're involved in school maintenance, facilities, custodial operations we'd love to see you at our meetings!  There is no fees (our vendors/partners are great!).  We just ask that you email me in advance to let us know you're coming.  Then I'll add you to our email list so you receive future notices for meetings, etc.  It's a win win situation!