-Trade Show SETUP.  Thursday, Convention Center- Below is the layout of the rooms we'll be using for the Trade Show component- 40 display tables!...Vendors will be given access to the Trade show room starting Thursday at 10:30 am...Loading in and out will be from the back of the building (loading dock). Wednesday access usually not possible due to other activities using the venue. The intent of the timing is to schedule the setup period to minimize competing with the presentations...Tables will be assigned.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dan Cantu asap.  His cell is 956.832.2412.  XXX Update- Layouts will be finalized XXX to reflect actual position assignments.  Any agreement for changes must take place between vendors.

-District participants. Before starting to make the rounds of the Trade Show tables school district participants will be given a card to take with them as they make the rounds.  Vendors will "stamp" or initial the card to ensure that everyone has visited with each of our vendors.  These cards will then be collected and then used to award the door prizes at the end...


South Padre Island Convention Center, (same format as 2019)

                       Register Today! If you have any questions or concerns call 956.832.2412, Dan Cantu, President, (Los Fresnos                          CISD)

* indicates Platinum sponsorship; vendor has priority on table selection.

Summer Conference

Updated 1/28/2020

Our ​​​​​​​​Summer Conference 2019 was for two days in JULY at South Padre Island!  We felt it was a great success!...It provided all of the districts represented and the over 25 vendors present a great opportunity to learn new things, meet other school officials and vendors, share information, and relax a bit...Here is the 2019conference agenda to get a feel for the conference!  The trade show vendors with links to their websites will be posted on the Summer Conference page again this year!  

                         (These doors open to the hallway)​​

2019 Trade show participants as of 5/26 include: See below , Assigned positions, Specific order to be determined once all the spots have been filled.  Asterisks below indicate platinum level sponsor who gets to select his position in advance.

#1  Dorma KABA USA
#11  ExerPlay Inc.
#2  Belimo
#12  Graybar Electric Co.
#3  Forbo Flooring Systems
#13  Johnstone Supply
#4  Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC
#14   Texas Energy Managers Assoc (TEMA)            
#5  Goodbuy Purchasing Coop
#15   T.F. Harper & Associates
#6  RoofConnect
#16   ExerPlay
#7  *Texas Air Systems (has not selected position yet)

#17   Millenium Engineers Group

#8  Armko Industries
#18  Noble Tx
#9  Choice Partners
#19  *US Water Services
#10*PTI Sports & Recreation Construction
#20  *Tarkett
Hallway Positions 

       Hallway Positions                                                        

#A/21  LPS Green Technologies#D/24 Gulf Coast Paper                   
#B/22  *Centennial Contractors #E/25 EZ-Access
#C/23   Mohawk Group

 #F/26 Ferguson Facility Supply

 # 27  AAMECC LLC 

~Summer Conference2020, Presenters- Presentation topics and presenters are TBD.  The deadline for turning in submissions is February 15th.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

~ This is the link to the pictures taken by Mario Garcia & his wife during our 2019 Conference, Thanks Mario!! Google Photos album.  Feel free to share the link with anyone else in your office that may have gone.  

Save the date!July 22nd- 23rdtwo full days! We'll have 8 presentations and they will be 45-60 minutes each.  The Trade show will include 40 select partners (vendors). If you can't join us both days you will still get a lot out of joining us on Thursday...more presentations, keynote speaker, trade show & networking!!  When you sign in on Wednesday at the Convention Center we'll have coffee and refreshments available. This year we are considering having a boat cruise for our mixer! You and your spouse are invited to join us.  Vendors- more information regarding the Trade show can be found at the end of this page.  Click here for 2019's agenda or 2020 registration form... 

  • Wednesday, 7/22................Sign in the SPI Convention Center on 7355 Padre Blvd
  • Wednesday,7/22.................Evening, President's mixer, location is TBD, 6-8:30 pm
  • Thursday, 7/23...................At the SPI Convention Center; presentations, lunch, recognize Employees of the Year, Scholarship Winners, Guest Speaker, Trade Show, Door Prizes, Etc.

Hotel, Host hotel is Holiday Inn Express, on 6502 Padre Blvd, (beach side) South Padre Island.  Call today to make your reservation, 956.761.8844, group code is STA.  To hold our discounted rate of $145 reserve by June 21st.  ​Check in is at 3:00 pm and check out is at 11:00 am.  Rooms are double queen rooms with 4 guest occupancy...8 minute walk to the Convention Center and Birding & Wildlife Center as well as Sea Turtle Rescue center are within 2-4 minutes walking distance.

Conference Agenda- We will have some great presentations lined up and a mixer that promises to be lots of fun!! 

Registration, click here for the registration form and  here for the agenda.  All school district folks that register by Jun 25th will be eligible for our drawing for a  32" Flat screen TV!

  • Registration for schools & educational entities is only $75.

  • Vendors attending but not participating in the Trade Show the fee is $100.  
  • Exhibiting vendors, tables still only $499 each! This includes meals, etc. for two employees. Addtl guests at $100 each.

  • All school district folks that register by Jun 25th will be eligible for drawing for a  32" Flat screen TV!  

  • Registrations submitted after July 6th, add $25 late fee!

Vendor Supporters, thank you SO much for your past support and we look forward to your participation again.  It is your support that makes it possible for us to put these conferences together and have an amazing Scholarship Program!

-Participation in the Trade Show is $499 per table (8' skirted table), w/ access to electricity. This year due to the demand we will have 40 slots available.  There are also three levels of sponsorship that you can help us with in order for us to continue to offer scholarships ($1,000) to deserving students.  And just to clarify- Sponsorships are separate and apart from exhibiting. For those of you that can help at the Platinum level and plan to exhibit don't forget to let us know what table location you'd like- first come first granted.  At the bottom of the page will be a list of vendors who have registered for a table.

-Vendors are encouraged to join us for the presentations.  After every presentation there is a 15 minute break scheduled that 
will give you the opportunity to network get to know the district folks present.

-to pay the registration and other conference related fee's or sponsorships via credit card (via PayPal) send in your registration and you will be invoiced separately.  The email address is, stasmo2006@outlook.com or fax# 866-295-5082. Your faxes will go to an online service and redirected to my email (so your faxes come directly to me...).  There are only 40 booth slots available so reserve yours soon!  1/28/2020, room diagrams below to be updated to reflect 40 positions.